About Us

Ambal Advertising Agency was established in Bangalore (INDIA), in the spring of 1999, to be an Outdoor Advertising Company.

Ambal Advertising has been a pioneer in bringing about outdoor advertisements from the city of Bangalore. Being in the industry for more than a decade, Ambal's vision to be the best in service, we are to the core client centric, hence Ambal has coupled it's mission with strategic locations, to advertising in different modes with a very cost conscious reasons.

Brand visibility is the most important criteria for any company's product/service launch. Ambal with its vast experience has put in place a system to bring about confluence thoughts to help clients to choose a service for outdoor advertising.

Strategic Locations, enhanced visibility, transparency and cost effective solutions is the hallmark of Ambal Advertising, infact Ambal has been pioneering outdoor advertising media, by coupling various services, be it a Bill Board, Mobile Media, Airport Transit or to Bus shelters or Road Medians. Ambal always strives to give a complete solution and make every effort in bringing credibility in outdoor advertising for our clients.

Ambal today has the capabilities of delivering outdoor media solutions on the National front to regional cities. A pro-active culture to consult and work with clients to sustain them with result oriented advertising solutions.

At Ambal we first listen to you, understand your thoughts and then bring a media solution, which is not only competitive on price but yet effective in communicating the solution to your audience.

We at Ambal believe advertising is a way to the audience mind, through effective communication, pleasing strategic locations and being responsible to our clients.

The company has its full-fledged operations in Outdoor Media. Ambal Advertising Agency is having its Network in other states as well as its alliances in all over India (Metros like Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai and Mini Metros like Ahmedabad, Pune, Indore, Lucknow, Jaipur, etc) for its full-fledged operations.

Our Motivation

Communicate an effective strategy of outdoor solution to our client. Listen, understand the audience and consult clients for effective media solutions. Success is the keyword and sky is the limit. Out motto is to serve you best, satisfy you and honour our relation.