Prime Media : Out-Door Media

Outdoor Advertising India has stood the test of time for all these years. Today, out of home advertising India is competent with outdoor advertisers from across the globe in terms of tools, techniques and latest innovations used in the various brand promotion activities. With the introduction of various technologies, outdoor advertising tools and techniques are raised up to international standards.

Outdoor Advertising is one of the oldest means used for brand promotion. Billboard outdoor ads are considered as one of the oldest practices of outdoor advertising. It is surprising to know that outdoor advertising despite being a traditional means of brand promotion still works as one of the preferred means for promoting a brand or service. Outdoor ads are no doubt refurbished as compared to old modes and tools, but these ads still prove to be effective means of providing awareness about your brand amongst the target groups.

Advertising involves time to time planned scheming of communication as per the promotion requirement of the brand or service. It is already a known fact that the sole objective behind any advertising campaign is to create awareness about a product or service amongst the target groups. To create awareness or buzz about a brand or service, advertising requires a medium. Television, radio, newspaper, billboard, internet, mobile etc are various available options for brand promotion. Television, radio, newspaper and traditional billboards come under conventional tools of advertising while internet, mobile, digital billboards etc come under the category of contemporary advertising.

Another latest trend in brand promotion comprise of Mobile Advertising & Internet Advertising. Both Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising provide advertisers options to promote their brand or service through personalized means in a discreet manner. Mobile and Internet both are personalized devices of individuals. Adopting these tools for brand promotion is likely to create more sales for the product since these tools provide quick reach within a defined timeline. The future of brand advertising in fact belongs to internet and mobile phones. From mobile gaming to social networking, internet and mobile phones have embedded together to provide audiences with one of the richest means of brand promotion. The recent launch of pocket internet has created more buzz among the audiences about the brand promotion option via mobile phones and internet. Pocket internet facilitates business owners by providing them current updates about what is happening in the market. Today, one can carry his business wherever he travels around with portable pocket internet facility.